The Pastor of the Churches Growing Nation

Pastor Gino is an interesting character who has appeared on a number of Christian radio shows. I have listened to him many times. He is the Director of communications for the Family and Children’s ministries, also known as FAC. In other words he is the pastor of the Atlanta Georgia ministry.

Pastor Gino is a born-again Christian with a very intense way of speaking and a strong message that he has used to bring millions of people to Jesus. His story is amazing in that he grew up in foster homes where physical, sexual and verbal abuse was common. He then decided to pursue a degree in marketing at the University of San Diego. It was there that he saw the need for a ministry to help the poor. As his passion grew he felt God calling him to fulfill this great work. Pastor Gino Jennings and Hood Evangelist

He began his ministry with a number of other family members. They all pitched in and worked together to build schools, houses and centers for the poor. As this ministry grew they called it Pastors Center and today it is flourishing as a global organization. While Pastor Gino is traveling all over the world spreading the word he feels like he is making a huge difference in the lives of children everywhere.

He brings the teaching of Jesus Christ to all who enter into the FAC program. He teaches the ten Commandments and how he gave his life for the lost. He teaches us how we can go about each commandment and how we can go about saving lives. All who enter are taught the absolute necessity to forgive those who have wronged them. Those who have been hurt by others are taught how we can turn our backs on these people and still walk with God.

Children sit with their mothers while he teaches them what it means to be prepared. They listen intently because he is talking straight to their heart. He knows how desperate they are to find a solution to their problems. He knows what life is like for those without hope and even gives them hope by telling them there is something better out there that awaits them. Because of his many years of experience helping families in various economic situations, he knows exactly what you need to survive in this terrible time.

Because of what Pastor Gino has gone through he has a way of looking at things that are seemingly impossible. This is what keeps him so strong and full of hope. No one has ever said he was a quack or a fraud. He has earned his stripes and is using them to help the lost, the hurting people around him.