Auto Accessories – The Sho-Me G-1000 STR Radar Detector

The Sho-Me G-1000 STR is a handheld radar detector. It uses a simple algorithm that detects X-band emissions from nearby objects, including traffic signs. As a result, it gives a single alert, which helps preserve the driver’s sanity during prolonged radar encounters. The sensor also dims its illumination on the controls, to reduce false alarms from non-police X-band emissions in urban areas.


The Sho-Me G-1000 STR has an easy-to-install case made of durable plastic and rubberized finish. The device is lightweight, easily installed, and comes with a mounting kit and instructions. A miniUSB cable is also included. To make installation a breeze, the unit is shipped in a protective case. However, it is not waterproof and is only effective at detecting radar signals. sho me g1000

This radar detector has a bright display and an easy-to-use control panel. It displays information in both K- and X-band modes, as well as in GPS fix mode. The detector requires no additional power supply. You simply connect the device to your computer’s USB port. A driver will automatically detect the radar detector and load it into the computer’s memory. Once connected, the device won’t give out a signal, but the user will be able to see a simple display that shows the information.

The SHO-ME G-1000 STR has an ergonomic design and a battery backup. Its main chip is made of quartz crystal, and it has a memory. This allows it to work in any climate. The LED indicator lets you know when to reflash it. This takes one to two days. When done, the radar detector will return to you in a few days. This process is free and easy. It is available on most websites, as well as online.

The G-1000 STR has three modes for different types of radar. The first is “City” mode, which identifies GPS base cameras and GPS complexes. The second mode is “City 2”, which detects GPS base cameras and shooter’s radar complexes. The third mode, “City”, is designed to detect a shooter’s location in a city.

The SmartDownLoader program lets the user control the ACSPD and ATSPD parameters to customize the device’s performance. The ACSPD parameter has a range of 0 to 120. The ATSPD parameter is adjustable and has a range of 0-120. The ATSPD parameter can be changed manually, or the user can use a special software program to do it.

The Shi-Me G-1000 STR is a powerful radar detector. It can detect a wide range of frequencies and can distinguish between different types of signals. Unlike most radar detectors, it is sensitive to signals from GPS-enabled devices and GPS-enabled cars. This means that it’s a good choice for tracking vehicles that need to be in a safe environment.